Resilience and Recovery from Compulsions and Addictions

Resilience and Recovery from Compulsions and Addictions

Resilience is the ability to cope with stress and adversity and to recover quickly from problems and setbacks

It is my belief that deeply addressing compulsions and addictions goes beyond 12-step programs. It is imperative to be in a supportive community which can include (but is not limited to) 12-step recovery programs.  In addition to this support, individuals need to engage in depth work that involves:

  • Stimulating good pyschological and social development – which enables an individual to achieve mature adult love (for self and others)
  • Coping with unbearable feelings that result from stress, adversity, trauma and abuse
  • Activating the process of resilence (ability to recover readily from illness, depression, and adversity)
  • Reframing adversities as necessary encounters to invite the process of tolerating pain and discomfort for growth (post-traumatic growth suggests that adversity potentially leads to greater understanding, better functioning and creates the capacity to cope well with future exposure to adversity)

Risk Factors for Compulsions and Addictions:

  • Poverty
  • Mental illness within family
  • Family history of addictions
  • Abuse, neglect, domestic violence
  • Overwhelming depression, fear, anxiety, and loneliness

Protective Factors:

  • Positive family connections
  • Supportive friends
  • Therapy (individual and/or group)
  • Schools
  • Community participation (i.e, Celebrate Recovery in church setting)
  • Common interest groups (i.e., book club)

In my work with individuals, we are aware that disruptive compulsions and addictions may result from stress, anxiety, tragedy, trauma and daily adversities. It is my aim to help individuals to gain the support that is needed to develop:

  • Capacity for meaningful endurance
  • Resourcefulness to overcome these strongholds
  • Tough-mindedness (tenacity to stay the course toward resilience and recovery)
  • Strengths to overcome weaknesses
  • Skills to pursue positive life changes
  • Adaptable assets to establish and maintain positive relationships and environments that support healthy and fulfilling life choices

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