All parents need support in their unique family dynamics. No other role calls a person outside of oneself and stretches an individual to sacrificially give, sometimes from an empty well. A wealth of personal and professional experience backs our work with single parents, couples, and families (including blended and adoptive families).

Parents who self-reflect and realize they need additional skills and tools, to adapt to the changing seasons of their children, seek help. Some parents lack self-awareness and yet they are confronted with feedback from their children, family, friends and other sources, which prompts them to consider seeking help. Whether you are a clueless parent (but aware enough to read this page), a frustrated, angry, hurt or confused parent, please do not neglect your responsibility to be the best parent(s) you can be. Truth be told, most of us are ill-prepared for the monumental role of parenthood and we are taken aback by the constantness of this vast responsibility.

If  you need a non-judgmental environment to process your struggles and pain in your parenting journey please take the next step. You will find us to be warm, understanding, straight-forward, compassionate and capable of helping you in this area of your life.

Yes, having a child is surely the most beautifully irrational act that two people in love can commit.  ~Bill Cosby

For an appointment, please contact Jim Crosby at 425.870.9703 or Robin Crosby at 425.345.6129