Life-Coaching, Performance Optimization, Leadership

Life-Coaching, Performance Optimization, Leadership

Life coaching, performance optimization and leadership all weave together:




-Current Realities

Together we engage a process-driven and ┬áresults-oriented approach to transport you from where you currently are to where you wish to be—starting today! Whatever your specific needs and desires embody, we work together to create a clear path toward:

-Self Mastery (stress and time management, diet/exercise/sleep patterns, emotional regulation, mindfulness)

-Goal Setting

-Health (emotional, relational, physical, spiritual, sexual)

-Balanced Living

I see my role as one who:

-Invites an identifiable paradigm shift

-Challenges your assumptions, beliefs, thoughts and actions that may hinder you from the success you long for in all areas of your life

-Reflects back to you your composite of unique attributes and skills that will maximize your efforts and eventual success

-Helps to identify barriers (negative self-talk, required skill building and further education, lack of insight/confidence) that thwart your goals

-Facilitates clarifying values and priorities

-Models giving and receiving feedback

-Motivates self-awareness (self-reflection and self-confrontation)

-Differentiates between intent and impact

-Builds environments of effectiveness and transformation in self and others

-Calls out your ‘best self’ in order for you to be ‘cutting edge’ in all that you pursue

For initial 90-minute consultation, please call Robyn Renee at 425.345.6129