Robyn Psychotherapeutic Approach

Robyn’s Psychotherapeutic Approach

My therapeutic orientation is eclectic in that I study and utilize various aspects of different schools of thought, approaches and therapeutic techniques.

My theoretic studies have included:

-Attachment Theory
-Cognitive Behavioral Theory
-Interpersonal Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
-Gottman Method
-Interpersonal Neurobiology
-Dialetical Behavioral Therapy/Mindfulness Techniques

My approach most closely resembles:

-Psychoanalytically-informed interpersonal psychodynamic pyschotherapy (that’s a mouth full!)
-Crucible Approach
-Modern Psychoanalysis

My philosophy is strongly influenced by existentialism and Celtic Christianity, which means I believe:

-We all struggle with and are shaped by issues of existence (death, isolation, meaning in life, freedom)
-We all reflect God’s divine image of goodness and unexploited love; and, in the course of life we are disrupted by painful, negligent and abusive relationships (often including those whom we love the most)
-Healing from relational brokenness occurs in the context of relational connectedness, in tandem with the ability to hold onto yourself in the presence of others

Together we (therapist and client) pursue answers to these questions: Who are you? What do you need? What realities have you constructed? How can we move you through gridlock? It is my hope  that our work together helps you to actualize the life you have always wanted and to develop the courage and character to maintain it.

My Vision as a Therapist

In our effective work together, I am mindful that you need to be seen, heard and feel supported as you grow in your capacity for meaningful endurance. That is, your ability to tolerate difficulties becomes particularly necessary as you make decisions for change. I respect your ability to own your life, as a responsible agent, with movement toward building a life with meaning. Personal development and transformation is a life-long pursuit, which often occurs in the context of those who mean the most to you. Our work together seeks honesty and clear understanding of the current realities in your life.  Together we create a cohesive and intelligent path toward differentiation and wholeness, which demonstrates your capacity to:

-think clearly
-respond emotionally
-communicate effectively
-understand reality
-behave appropriately
-love authentically
-experience healthy sexuality

By differentiation, I mean well-developed emotional and interpersonal awareness, with the ability to be both separate and together participants in an intimate relationship–which includes emotional disclosure, robust conflict and intense loyalty.

By wholeness, I mean an integrated life which manifests integrity (internal and external congruency), virtue (sound moral character), transparency, compassion and right-mindedness.

Together we will seek to identify the best in you with a ‘desire and skill’ focus. In other words, naming your desires and learning the emotional/relational skills and insights required for you to do your part in:

-achieving optimal results within your love relationships (familial, romantic, fraternal)
-living humanely within your community

I believe the best in each of us desires a balanced, mature adulthood (physically, mentally, relationally, sexually, and spiritually). This occurs when one experiences a solid sense of self, effectiveness and productivity in all aspects of your life. Additional features of mature mental health include flexibility, contemplation, self-confrontation, resiliency and compassion.

Be prepared to face openly what simply is not working well in your life, where the tension lies, and where grid-lock is realized. We can explore different ways of relating in which all parties do not feel diminished, ignored or manipulated. Unprecedented possibilities are available to those who have reached critical mass (when you are truly fed up with the status quo and you are now desperate for new action to occur) and you are no longer content with your misery as an acceptable way of life. I am inspired by the resilience and perseverance of my clients. Together we work creatively to face all that impairs health and well-being with our focus on living life to the full.

I look forward to meeting you!

Training and Credentials

-Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology – The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology (formerly Mars Hill Graduate School) – 2008
-Spiritual Direction Certification – The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology (formerly Mars Hill Graduate School) – 2008
-Sex Therapist Certification Candidate – AASECT (American Association of Sexuality Educators Counselors and Therapists) – currently
-Quantum Leadership Trainer & Life Coaching Certificate – Culture ROI High Performance Cultures – 2010
-Life Span Integration Therapy (Beginner and Advanced Trainings) – trauma and dissociation work – 2008
-Teaching-Family Model – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – 1995-1997
-Crucible Approach – Dr. David Schnarch Consultation Group – 2010 – present
-Daniel Siegel – Study in Interpersonal Neurobiology (including mindfulness techniques and attachment theory) – ongoing
-Systema (Russian Martial Arts) – trains the body to think and respond intuitively–with solid presence, calm breathing and inner power–to fear, stress and perceived threats (this helps me to be in command of my own mind and body and to presence myself in a calm way which invites this work in my patients and clientele)