Art-including literature, music and movies-calls us to reflect on ourselves as we relate to stories, separate from, yet similar to our own played out before us. Art and new found knowledge can touch us in ways that are often profoundly relevant and personal.  The impact that these expressions have played in our lives as well as the lives of others with my clients I have complied a list of media that I believe offers value to those interested.


These selections, offered for their invaluable knowledge and insight, deepen self-awareness and invite self-reflection.  These books range from psychology to theology and much more.  Click Here to view my recommended list of books.


Music tames the savage beast and can move the soul. Click Here to view my recommended list of songs and music.


Although some movies contain disturbing or offensive content, I believe the value of the affective experience outweighs the difficult elements. Your personal discretion in making viewing selections is weightier than my recommendation. They are arranged according to themes.  Click Here to view my recommended list of movies.