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The Crucible and Christianity

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Is the Crucible Approach to Couples’ Therapy Compatible with Christianity?

Crucible® Therapy has a unique set of differentiation-based tools for connection that can enhance intimacy and sexuality, promote self-regulation, and improve relationship stability and individual functioning.

Navigating the world of healthful sexual literature can be daunting, especially for those operating from a biblical framework. You have become bored with your sex life and your spouse seems disinterested in discussing the matter. You discover that during this season of life you are exploring your sexual potential and your high desire wings feel clipped by your low-desire partner. You have a past that seems to hinder your ability to engage sex with passion or you believe you love sex and yet you feel remedial in establishing and maintaining intimacy with your significant other. Sadly, you may not see your church as a beacon of sexual resources. The Christian community is not lacking exposure to sexuality; yet, I am disturbed by the disconnect, among believers, between healthy sexuality and biblical living. Truly, those who purport faith, hope and love as a foundation to abundant life should be blazing the trail in effective and fulfilling sex lives–one would hope.  To the contrary, Christians often struggle with sexual desire issues, pornography, and sexual betrayal like everyone else, however, without the freedom to discuss these matters openly.  Often hidden , couples suffer in silence with a dismal and abysmal sexual reality. This is tragic, to me, and certainly unnecessary. Working with a marital therapist, such as myself, who feels comfortable and passionate about healthy sexuality is an excellent move toward health and sexual well-being. I am currently studying and utilizing the Crucible Approach.

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