Client’s Testimonials

Passionate Person Recovering from Trauma and Abandonment

When I first came to Robyn, I found myself stuck in a very dark and, at times, hopeless place. I had survived a life-time of severe abuse from family and spouses, not even knowing why I had chosen some of these toxic people in my life; nonetheless, desperate for a miracle that would somehow change the entire dynamic of my life and relationships. There was no “miracle treatment”, but instead I found an invitation to hard work and introspection that was guided lovingly, yet firmly, by Robyn. We have shared a deep commitment to my mental well-being. At times it seemed like this process of healing and recognition of deeper issues was the worst possible pain I have ever felt; yet, there was always a gentle guiding hand through the storm. I have been going to therapy for over four years exclusively with Robyn.  While I can’t say, “I am cured”, I can say that I have become whole enough in my personhood to begin to live my dreams based on the solid knowledge and tools I have learned in therapy. Also, as I face the many difficult issues in life, I am able to manage them with respect toward myself and others, believing in myself enough to act on my dreams with dignity and purpose. Finally, with Robyn, I have discovered my worth–which is by far the most precious outcome of therapy.

Thirty Something Husband with Marriage Disorder

My wife and I came to Robyn as a last ditch effort to try to salvage our relationship.  Although I can’t fully speak for my wife, I was looking for a referee that would help my spouse to realize how many injustices she was committing in our relationship. I knew that I wasn’t perfect but I also knew (or at least I thought I knew) my wife’s form of communication needed to be altered and someone needed to tell her that I was right and she was wrong.  When we first came to Robyn, we did not find a referee but an intelligent caring counselor.  In some ways I did get what I was looking for, Robyn was able to point out to me the injustices in our relationship…. many more than I would have liked to admit were my own.  Over the course of a few years, Robyn helped my wife and I through the very difficult process of realizing and owning the hurts we had caused each other.  Robyn helped to create an environment where we were able to re-establish a loving relationship with each other and actually start enjoying each other.  As of today we have not been to counseling for over two years.  We still benefit from and use the communication tools that we learned during our sessions with Robyn.  Our marriage is far from perfect and still requires a lot of work, but it’s no longer hopeless or draining.  In short : I would recommend Robyn to any other married couple that feels disconnected from each other, and you will find the commitment to counseling is well worth it.

Fifty-Something Female with Adjustment Disorder

What is adjustment disorder you ask?  Well, let me put it this way…

My initial reason for seeking out Robyn’s help was the simple fact that I wanted to smash my brother-in-law’s face in with a frying pan.  Since I knew I couldn’t actually remodel my b-i-l’s face with cookware, I knew I had to find someone to help me process some extremely intense emotions.  I was angry, hurt, worried, sad, and confused.  My feelings were overwhelming and that began to take a toll on all areas of my life.  I knew I needed professional help if I was going to be successful at being in control of my emotions while I lived through a painful situation that I couldn’t control.  I met with Robyn a few times and each time I felt more comfortable.  I knew I had to trust her with my heart and soul if I wanted to find peace.  And so my journey with Robyn, toward my emotional wellness, began. Since that time I have walked through other extremely painful and difficult situations and Robyn has been with me every step of the way, sometimes leading, sometimes walking beside me, holding me up, or cheering me on.  I have grown to trust her completely.  I have benefited from Robyn’s extensive training and expertise in not only my personal life but in my professional life as well.  She has helped me with everything from adjusting to life with senior citizen parents to negotiating an employment contract.  My initial appointment with Robyn was almost four years ago.  When I think about who I was at that appointment, and the emotional condition I was in at the time, and then consider my current status and emotional health, I am overcome with deep gratitude and joy. It is a tremendous comfort to know that no matter what life brings Robyn is capable and willing to face it with me.

Female with Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome

I have been seeing Robyn Renee while my main counselor has been ill with cancer. She made herself incredibly available, checked in with my regular therapist to make sure there was a team/same page approach to my work, and has been sensitive to the intensity and terror the situation has caused me. I struggle with PTSD and an eating disorder, plus have a magnitude of trust and attachment issues that are only more complicated by my main support falling ill. She has approached counseling with a no-expectations, and just supportive role. She is open to all my feelings, fears, confrontations, anxiety’s, and struggles without judgment. I was scared to come to her at first because I also have a variety of spiritual sensitivities… she is respectful of those, is not preachy, and is understanding. She also can match me step for step in my off-beat and sometimes radical humor. I have limited filter, she even accepts and appreciates that.  I recommend you give Robyn Renee a try… and give yourself a chance to find a place to just be, and heal.

20-Something Couple Trying to Save Marriage

We began visiting Robyn two years ago in an effort to save our marriage after a bout of infidelity, which led to the realization that neither of our needs were being met in our relationship. My husband was non-confrontational to the point of complete shut-down, and I was the polar opposite, a complete emotional basket-case. Through marriage counseling, coupled with individual therapy for each of us, we have a stronger marriage today than ever before! Some of the key things we have learned have been the value of our emotions as flags for deeper issues, but that they cannot dictate our behavior and reactions; tools that allow us to reset once we get off-course (the do-over has saved us from many fights); and a deeper ability to listen to one another and empathize, even if it doesn’t necessarily match the reality we are experiencing. We recently welcomed our first child, a decision that would have been unthinkable two years ago, and we are moving forward confidently in ourselves and in our marriage!